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Spotlight On Carol Inglesby

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Carol Inglesby has been with the Department of Commerce’s Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing for over 25 years. She has been in her current role with the Division “for so long that the dates have begun to run together.” While her responsibilities extend far beyond records management, Carol works to ensure that records are scheduled, stored, and made available as they are needed by either members of her Division or the general public.

One of her most successful projects has been to institute a tracking system for all records requests, which allows her to see what was requested and when. She has also created a number of templates for the most common records request interactions to increase efficiency and ease the entire process for her Division.

Carol also manages the trainings of her DOPL employees on the retention and classification schedules. She works with others to keep up-to-date on all of the legislative changes, and is the person who leads the charge to ensure that retention schedules and formats are followed at all levels of management. Her current goal is to update her trainings for the new staff and include electronic records. She admits that she struggles with the new electronic records, and was glad to attend last month’s e-records conference to learn more. For all new records officers she offers 3 helpful tips:CarolInglesby

  1. Once you learn what needs to be done for records management, pay attention to what your department or division does regularly so you can figure out how to apply the rules to your daily job.
  2. Create templates for the things that
    you do frequently. There is no need to reinvent the wheel with each interaction.
  3. Be sure to attend the records management trainings, or ask questions when you get stuck.

Carol’s supervisor, Mark Steinagel, states that “thanks to Carol, records classification, records requests, and records retention at the Agency work like a finely tuned instrument that is always in tune and ready to play, and when played plays flawlessly.”


Thanks for all you do Carol!    We salute you!


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General Schedules for Your Input

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As part of the General Schedule Update Project, the Utah State Archives is proposing a new schedule for your consideration. We would like to submit this schedule to the State Records Committee’s December 10th meeting. Remember, there is no designation or classification of general schedules because that needs to be determined by the record series.

– Fixed Asset Records-

These records relate to tangible assets such as property and equipment owned by a governmental entity. Information includes substantiation, purchases, deprecation, inventories, and related records.

MUN 4-1, 4-3?, 4-4

CNT 4-1, 4-2?, 4-4


5-10 years after disposition of asset


Historical information related to fixed assets is captured in the annual financial report. Inventory has an average of 3 years, sometimes 3 years after disposal of property.
-Public Transit Records-

These records document bus activity and ridership. Information includes driver manifests, passenger counts, paratransit services, routes, and related records

None Retention:
3 years – 7 years


-Initial counts are admin. need
-Summaries in monthly reports

-Summarized in annual reports
All of the above are covered in other GRS


3 years based on 49 CFR 18.42. 7 years based on UTA record keeping practices of maintaining records for two triennial review cycles.

-Internal Committee Records-

These records document meetings of boards, committees, or teams that have no statutory authority to make public policy decisions. Information includes implementation of projects, programs or operational matters.


SG 1-17

CNT 1-32

MUN 1-33

SD 1-13

Administrative need
Subcommittees included
Existing retention: 2 years or admin need, whichever is earlier.


Utah Code 52-4-103(9)(c)(2015)
Not public bodies, No public funds used.

-Executive Committee Records-

These records document meetings of boards, committees, or teams that have no statutory authority to make public policy decisions, but do have authority to make internal policy decisions. Information includes the determinations and actions of the meeting.

None Retention:
Administrative need

Transfer to Archives


Utah Code 52-4-103(9)(c)(2015)
Not public bodies, No public funds used.

Upcoming Training Events

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Upcoming Events

The following is a list of training events offered by the Utah State Archives in the month of December. All employees of a governmental entity are invited to participate, especially records officers and chief administrative officers. Utah State Archives’ training events are free of charge. Registration is available online here.

The training schedule for 2016 will be published around the New Year.

Registration links for events sponsored by an outside professional organization are included. The cost of participation is determined by the organization.

Basic Records Management I: Records Management

This class educates participants about legal responsibilities of government agencies in managing records and information. The legally assigned roles of records officers, chief administrative officers, and the State Archives will be discussed. The class will include references to the Public Records Management Act and other relevant laws. Register online here.

Salt Lake City, UT. 9:00 a.m. to Noon.

  • December 3, 2015

Utah State Archives Courtyard Training Room
346 S. Rio Grande St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
A parking map is available here.

Records Access I: Public Records Requests

Records Access I will consider records classification, records sharing, handling GRAMA requests, and the appeals process. This training is very similar to the online training required for appointed records officers. The certification exam is not administered during the in-person training. Register online here.

Salt Lake City, UT. 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  • December 3, 2015

Utah State Archives Courtyard Training Room
346 S Rio Grande St
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
A parking map is available here.

Non-Archives Sponsored Trainings

ARMA Utah Chapter
Holiday Social
Friday, December 18, 2015
11:30 a.m. –1:00 p.m.
Details can be found on their website.



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View Proposed Retention Schedules

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We’ve created a new link to view general retention schedules and series-specific retention schedules submitted for public consideration and State Records Committee approval, which is available at Refresh the page if you cannot see the new link. This page will be updated regularly as all schedules going before the State Records Committee must be available for public review two weeks before the meeting. If you have input on any of the schedules you see posted, please let us know at


Conference Presentation Materials Available On State Archives’ Website

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Conference Presentation Materials Available !
Presentation recordings and handouts for the Law Enforcement Conference and the Electronic Records Conference are now available on the Utah State Archives’ website. You can watch the sessions you missed or watch your favorite sessions again!

Some presenters preferred to have their presentation materials on their personal website only, for such cases we have provided a link to the presenter’s website.

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GRAMA for Law Enforcement Training Tomorrow

October 28, 2015 Leave a comment

The Utah State Archives is offering a training class on GRAMA for law enforcement tomorrow, October 29th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The title of the class is Records Access I: Public Records Requests for Law Enforcement. If you are interested in attending, register here: .

We recommend that you bring a copy of the Government Records Access Management Act as well as a copy of Records Access Essentials for Government Employees with you to the session. You can find a printable copy of GRAMA here and a printable copy of Records Access Essentials for Government Employees here: .

The Archives is located at 346 S. Rio Grande Street, SLC. A map showing the location and free parking options can be found here: .

Questions can be directed to or 801-531-3863.

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Spotlight On: Tracy Hansen, recipient of The Utah State Archives’ Excellence in Information Governance Award 2015

October 27, 2015 2 comments


Tracy Hansen, recipient of

The Utah State Archives’

Excellence in Information Governance Award 2015

2015 Electronic Records Conference

Patricia Smith-Mansfield and Tracy Hansen, 2015 Electronic Records Conference

Tracy Hansen, Ogden City Recorder, was awarded The Utah State Archives’ Excellence in Information Governance Award at our annual electronic records conference on Thursday, October 22, 2015.

Tracy has many accomplishments as a records officer, here are just a few.

Tracy has been working closely with the City’s IT Division to update the current records management program. This includes overseeing the implementation of a training program for new employees as part of their on-boarding process, as well as annual training for current employees relative to records management in their particular division. She understands the importance of educating employees on their roles in managing the City’s records.

Tracy has made it a priority to make significant changes throughout the organization regarding how people view records management; including resurrecting the City’s Records Committee which has not been active for many years. Tracy has also worked with the Communications and Marketing Division to include a records related article each month in the City’s internal employee newsletter. The goal is to educate the employees about what the Recorders Office has to offer them relative to records management.

While proactively taking on these projects to improve and update Ogden’s records management program Tracy continues working on existing, ongoing records projects to ensure the proper identification, scheduling, scanning and indexing to preserve the City’s records and history.

Way to go Tracy!

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